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  2. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/04/att-brings-fiber-to-rich-areas-while-the-rest-are-stuck-on-dsl-study-finds/ http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/ATT-Faces-Lawsuit-Over-Failure-to-Upgrade-Poor-Areas-139442 Would be curious to see an exact map vs income of where theyve done this in Raleigh/Triangle.
  3. Building infrastructure is expensive, especially as each locale has it's own challenges, rules, regulations, etc. On top of that, you have incumbents who do not want competition, and use their political influence to prevent or delay pole attachment, etc. The end result is the ROI is low in the short term, and the bean counters don't like that.
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  5. So, despite Google running fiber TV and radio ads in the local market, they may not actually continue with implementing the project by distributing fiber from the various huts that have been completed all over the Triangle? Does anyone know why they have failed in what seemed like an impossible-to-fail venture? I don't get it.
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  7. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/04/verizons-70-gigabit-internet-is-half-the-price-of-older-750mbps-tier/ Also under our "everyone else" we might need a carrier neutral spot for links like this that are mostly 1off's.
  8. Still no love... Tech and field supervisor were out. They spent some time at the neighborhood vault and then at the ONT box, about 2 hours total. Still no fix. They are going to talk to the manufacturer next and also look at other upstream possibilities within the network. Speed tests today were 745/928, 700/920, 641/920
  9. I think it's likely Google. There's a ton of AT&T fiber installation going on where I work --- Perimeter Park --- and the spools that are being used on Sherron look nothing like the ones I've been seeing by work for the last year. This is a black spool, while the AT&T fiber seems to be using bright orange exclusively. I've never gotten close enough to them to look at it in detail though.
  10. That might mean it's Google. As far as I have seen, AT&T is doing all their fiber build in Durham in the ground except where it needs to go over a creek or similar water source that can't easily be bored under. Thanks for the pics of RDU-125. I can't see the Generator and the fence still needs to be completed but it looks like things are progressing nicely. I think they may be close to having all the Durham Huts installed at this point. I still can't believe that the Chapel Hill hut is so far behind. Especially give that Huts in Carrboro and Durham will also cover parts of Chapel Hill.
  11. I've noticed the last few days that fiber is going up on the telephone poles along Sherron all the way down from almost Miami down past Northern Durham Pkwy as of this morning.
  12. Two techs came out, did the usual field steps, found the same gap in download speed. They still are scratching their head that this is happening. Said they will be talking with someone higher up to look into it further...
  13. Looks like RDU125 is progressing nicely. The start of fencing is new since I last drove by it. (Ignore the smudge of something on my passenger window that looks like something next to the AC units)
  14. I also saw where they are supposedly going to remove this very hut.
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  16. A couple weeks in, still no resolution on my less than stellar download speed. Still getting 750/910+ consistently. Requested a call from a local supervisor over 1.5 weeks ago but never heard. Put in another call today to get someone out here so we can get this escalated to find out what is up with the slow download speed.
  17. More info on Durham Deployments here.... https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r31366437-
  18. I saw two splicing trailers on my way out of the neighborhood this morning, there may be more that I didn't see. How soon is service available after this point?
  19. http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/Google-Fiber-Revamps-San-Antonio-Network-After-Complaints-139380 Hold supposedly lifted.
  20. That's great news! The nice thing is that you know it's going to happen now. The semi-bad news is timing is totally going to be dependent on the current contractor load which is next to impossible to tell if they are at capacity or not. Once they have done the fiber install up to the side of your home and terminated the fiber at the demarc, scheduling an install could be made available within days. For me, once the fiber was terminated, it was less than 48 before I was able to schedule an install, but we were an early subdivision.
  21. Well good news they had a glitch on the sign up portal so my neighborhood is eligible for sign up now. Anyone have any idea how long it takes from sign up to scheduling your install?
  22. @tingadamok, its been 2 weeks, any updates on the phase we're in now? Hopefully at least testing is happening now??
  23. We were in the same situation in Kitts Creek, but AT&T just overbuilt a few weeks ago, so now we'll have Frontier, Spectrum, Google Fiber and AT&T Fiber. They may do the same in Brier Creek.
  24. Brier creek doesn't have AT&T as an option. It's spectrum or frontier, and frontier doesn't seem to care at all about speeding us up, last time I checked they offered like 3-5 mbps for $50+ a month. I would love to have any fiber option.
  25. Sorry, I meant the wife and myself not the neighborhood. We live off of Leesville Road, just East of Brier Creek. Still a bit off from Google's plans I guess. Probably having to do with AT&T not playing nice with moving their cables above ground. We just want another choice in terms of a fiber connection. AT&T doesn't have the value for the same price Google delivers.
  26. @scarab20 who is we, where is your neighborhood?
  27. Going to their space is exactly what we're doing. It might not do any good but talking face to face with someone is usually better than an automated response.
  28. Received the email to sign up today, but when I go to sign up it says not available. The response i got when I called in was a canned response and I'm kind of disappointed. anyone experience this, I'm hoping it just a delay and I can sign up sometime in the next couple days. Im in Brier Creek, I've seen them lay conduit and fiber, I got an email saying sign up. I don't want to get skipped over and not have another opportunity for years. Anyone know what I can/should do? I'm thinking of paying a visit to the fiber space downtown.
  29. Well, they're getting closer at least.
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