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    I was pretty much told the same thing when I visited the Fiber Space. I live in a new Townhouse community in Brier Creek (near Carolina Arbors by Del Webb), I'm also a board member for our HOA. Two weeks ago we formed our board and I was given the green light to submit an interest form for Google Fiber. Fast forward to this past Thursday; I got a call from a local Google Fiber rep requesting a meeting to discuss ways my HOA can partner with Google Fiber to build interest/excitement within the the community. I'll be meeting with them this week to plan all that out and hopefully get an idea as to when they'll be starting construction in the neighborhood.
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    This reminds me of the old Bell System Practice documents. Only those were in black and white... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_System_Practices
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    ^^ That's actually the same response I'd give, and I didn't even write that. Much of the physical construction is being wrapped up, but lighting it up still takes some time on top of that. One thing I'd add to the response you got: this is all "net new" infrastructure in the ground, so all the conduit, fiber, etc. being laid is brand new stuff. We don't really get to "QA" the plant until it's completed, and invariably small things arise that slow you down a bit. So we can't really go "0 to 100" off the bat. That said -- we're talking weeks as opposed to months now in phase 2.
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    Hey @scarab20 I started here since my development has private roads: https://support.google.com/fiber/answer/6398201?hl=en And this is the form I filled out after me and the other HOA board members voted to have Google Fiber in the neighborhood: https://services.google.com/fb/forms/hoainterest/ Hope this helps.
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    I've noticed the last few days that fiber is going up on the telephone poles along Sherron all the way down from almost Miami down past Northern Durham Pkwy as of this morning.
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    My wife just called me, she said she spotted a Google fiber work crew to include a truck, contractor and utility truck with cable at Ellis and S. Miami Blvd, this would be near hut #122. Hopefully they are going to complete the build out! No pictures yet, but I'm hopeful. Heck I hope they come out and mess up my yard, that'd be like WOOOOHOOOOO, of course I don't have much to mess up other than rock and dirt! I do hope they get your landscaping fixed though!
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    Pinney Wood, Solite Park, and Fire station 6 Huts are all in an completed. Fiber run to them but I'm not sure if they have run any distribution fiber from them to distribution conduit and vaults they have already installed. I know our vaults are still empty. If they are cutting back, the vaults may stay this way. At this point, it's hard to have hope that they will actually cable up the areas where they spent the money to actually put in conduit and vaults right up to the front yards. I'm less than a mile from the Hut in my Neighborhood at Fire station 6. So if we don't get it eventually or see distribution fiber work soon, I'd have to call the project done. As much as I hate to, I'm already considering whether or not I would move most of my Google services like Google Apps to somewhere else like Microsoft. I'm really getting tire of Google unpolished beta like products and the inconsistency in how they manage them. And what Google doesn't seem to realize is that you are never too big to fail. Amazon and Microsoft are already competing strongly in the cloud data center space and now Amazon is working on competing with Google's core money making business of advertising. https://www.thestreet.com/story/14072842/1/how-amazon-could-put-an-end-to-google-and-facebook-s-ad-dominance.html And another similar article here: http://www.valuewalk.com/2017/04/amazon-stock-price-target-1200-google
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    Start with the city. They will have a direct number, but at the same time file a complaint with them since its their responsibility in permitting to uphold conditions. You might also file a complaint with state utilities commission.
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    This makes me not feel so bad that they never bothered responding to the 20 or so Fiber positions I applied for... :-(
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    Use the coax the fish with. Pull new ethernet to where the coax is, and get a mixed media jack cover like this: https://www.amazon.com/RiteAV-Gang-Wall-Plate-White/dp/B00F15CKQQ Alternatively, hows your phone lines in the house? If its like mine, I also have them in every room, but they ran cat5 when they did it, only did the jacks for cat3/rj11 (phone). Im slowly splitting the line (as phone is a serial run, not parallel like ethernet) and repunching the jacks for rj45. If you can reuse the cables there, or use them to fish ethernet down.
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    Not at all. I get it. Bell (phone company up here in Toronto) ran fiber by my house a few months ago up here in Toronto, and I'm going nuts trying to figure out when they're actually going to light it! Just last night I pulled open a vault they left unlocked while walking with my dog and kid to see where they were at.
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    Google is use OFS cable from what I can tell. AT&T is almost exclusively using Corning from everything I've seen. jody, you should have asked them about SW Durham. Just for me. At least I hope you pitched this website. We need some Google employees to join.
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    Well, WRAL publicly reported that Google re-affirmed their commitment to finish the build out in the triangle. Now they may sell it the day after it's finished or may not. Not sure you can put much trust in the News or Google at this point. I think the NC install have been going well and have been exceeding expectations when compared to San Antonio, Nashville and Atlanta. Google still need a lot of data to make their AI dreams work and to sell better ads. I've seen splicing by my house on Saturday so crews are still working at a decent pace. Time will tell.
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    It is located off of mineral springs on pebblestone. in zip code 27703