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  1. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/04/att-brings-fiber-to-rich-areas-while-the-rest-are-stuck-on-dsl-study-finds/ http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/ATT-Faces-Lawsuit-Over-Failure-to-Upgrade-Poor-Areas-139442 Would be curious to see an exact map vs income of where theyve done this in Raleigh/Triangle.
  2. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/04/verizons-70-gigabit-internet-is-half-the-price-of-older-750mbps-tier/ Also under our "everyone else" we might need a carrier neutral spot for links like this that are mostly 1off's.
  3. http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/Google-Fiber-Revamps-San-Antonio-Network-After-Complaints-139380 Hold supposedly lifted.
  4. http://wraltechwire.com/google-fiber-expands-triangle-service-to-brier-creek/16638283/
  5. https://fiber.google.com/cities/triangle/apartments/neighborhoods/?apartment=35.80633|-78.82105&neighborhood=all Apologies if this has been posted before but Ive never seen it so figure I would post. No idea if/when this will get updated but it shows all the apartment complexes contracted (I assume) wtih Google Fiber for complex-wide connections. Interesting to see they actually do have 2 in "Garner" and not just SE raleigh like I assumed. Nothing south of 70 in Garner but at least the DT area is suppose to get something.
  6. This would be big if they dont fill vaults/conduit. Ive been supposing they wont build out further where they have not done at least that, but since thats the hard part in the whole process, thats a major cutback to me.
  7. Start with the city. They will have a direct number, but at the same time file a complaint with them since its their responsibility in permitting to uphold conditions. You might also file a complaint with state utilities commission.
  8. Use the coax the fish with. Pull new ethernet to where the coax is, and get a mixed media jack cover like this: https://www.amazon.com/RiteAV-Gang-Wall-Plate-White/dp/B00F15CKQQ Alternatively, hows your phone lines in the house? If its like mine, I also have them in every room, but they ran cat5 when they did it, only did the jacks for cat3/rj11 (phone). Im slowly splitting the line (as phone is a serial run, not parallel like ethernet) and repunching the jacks for rj45. If you can reuse the cables there, or use them to fish ethernet down.
  9. Anyone got any handles on ATT doing small install projects in bulk in SE Wake? ATT it seems recently acquired a yard off of 401 in Garner, I see at least 30 trucks leaving there daily in the morning around 7 headed mostly south but some north on 401. Most are mid size trucks a lot with single person trenchers (rippers or whatever they are called) and small cable spools that look like fiber. On a related note https://www.dslreports.com/shownews/From-15-Mbps-to-1-Gbps-ATT-Slowly-Upgrades-the-Southeast-139280
  10. https://www.dslreports.com/shownews/Frustration-Mounts-at-Google-Fibers-Slow-Pace-NonAnswers-139281
  11. Thats a telephone contractor for you. You can do that all day with Cat 3, you cant do it with Cat5/6. Itll work but I bet its full of errors.
  12. http://jocoreport.com/centurylink-expands-gigabit-service-to-smithfield/ Wonder what subdivision they are installing this to, to "claim" smithfield.
  13. Today in the news (not really, but a fire response was required which I heard). Google fiber tech installing for a home in Cary, drilled through a exterior wall from the inside, not knowing what was on the outside. Went straight into the gas meter. Fire Dept had to respond for a gas leak and clear the house. I would hope they would have stud/wire detectors when they are doing these installs, and inspect both sides of a wall before starting...
  14. http://www.kshb.com/news/local-news/residents-question-google-fibers-future-in-kansas-city-area-after-installations-canceled https://www.dslreports.com/shownews/Google-Fiber-Installs-Are-Being-Cancelled-in-Kansas-City-139175 I love the one DSLR comment: "Google needs ADD medication, They can't seem to focus on ANYTHING!"
  15. If only some of us had ATT or GF to switch to Im stuck with CL as my telco alternative, and theve flat out said no fiber effectively, as Ive posted on their section on here.