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  1. Building infrastructure is expensive, especially as each locale has it's own challenges, rules, regulations, etc. On top of that, you have incumbents who do not want competition, and use their political influence to prevent or delay pole attachment, etc. The end result is the ROI is low in the short term, and the bean counters don't like that.
  2. Looks like they are putting something in all that conduit they ran. This is the corner of Hemlock Hill Dr. and Golden Belt Pkwy in Brightleaf at the Park.
  3. Thanks. It is just grass, but I paid a lot of money to have it graded and sodded, and we were told that Google would fix everything they disturbed when they were done. I don't see that happening anywhere in my neighborhood so far.
  4. I heard back from Google. They say they are going to send out a crew to look at my landscaping issues. Fingers-crossed.
  5. Thanks. I reached out to Google again. If I do not hear back a satisfactory answer, I will contact the city directly, and, if necessary, the State.
  6. Well, I don't feel good about this at all. Anyone know who to call in Durham to complain about Google Fiber's failure to restore the right of ways they disturbed with their conduit installation last summer?
  7. You don't say whether you want to be able to use the coax for anything else, so have you considered a MoCA implementation? Alternately, powerline networking may be an option.
  8. That is right around the corner from me in Brightleaf at the Park. Does anyone know if AT&T is planning to service my neighborhood as well? It would be nice to have options.
  9. OK. I was thrown off by the forum topic being "North Durham..."
  10. Interesting. I wonder if they will make it up to Brightleaf at the Park. Google already dug up the neighborhood real good, so, if AT&T is going to do the same, I wouldn't bother fixing things until they do.
  11. Isn't that in Morrisville though? Or are there more than one Kitts Creek? Please excuse my geographic ignorance.
  12. I thought AT&T pulled all their permits and decided not to overbuild Frontier. Did they change their minds again when I wasn't looking?
  13. I had Frontier when I lived in Brier Creek. I think it is unlikely they will try to overbuild anywhere AT&T is.
  14. Well, I eventually got my mailbox, but not before I got a letter from the USPS telling me they were going to stop delivering my mail. My side of the neighborhood is still all dug up, and we have not seen a crew in months. Other parts of the Brightleaf never saw any action, and there is interduct sticking out of the ground in a couple of places. With the wireless announcements, I am a bit concerned they will never actually offer FTTH here.
  15. Let the awesomeness continue! Apparently, the GF subcontractor decided to drive his excavator into my mailbox. They have ordered me a new one and jury rigged the old one temporarily. On the plus side, I did get to talk to the supervisor on the project, so I got to complain about all the trash the sub left on our street and make sure he was aware that different builders used different grass. Now there is actually a small chance I will get bermuda sod back when they come in to restore my turf.