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  1. The S&N trucks I saw in Morrisville had magnetic stickers on their trucks identifying them as a "Bechtel Contractor". I've noticed fiber install going on in West Park in Cary (Hwy 55 and High House), but I am too early or late to see who is doing it. I did get an email from Google Fiber yesterday that announced installations starting in the Triangle, which I thought was going on for weeks or months. There was also a guy that looked like he was running conduit under the entrance street to Brookstone. AT&T has already been through there, so I'm not sure what he was doing.
  2. The stuff following morriville parkway looked to be either water or gas line. The stuff running along Hwy 55 was the orange stuff you see on big spools, 3-4" in diameter. Driving along 55 Saturday, it looked like it got buried a few days later. only the ends sticking out of the ground. Sorry there were no pics. It's usually me driving at busy times.
  3. This is real pipe. It looked to be 6"-8" inches. Possible gas main which will need to be trenched around? It looks like some Google fiber infrastructure is supposed to go in around Louis Stevens and Morrisville Parkway.
  4. No pics, but about 5:30 pm Tuesday, there was a guy laying out green conduit in an S&N truck on Morrisville Parkway between Upchurch Carpenter and Lewis Stevens road. I also spotted orange cables running up HW 55 from about HighHouse to Morrisville Parkway on the east side of 55.