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  1. That might mean it's Google. As far as I have seen, AT&T is doing all their fiber build in Durham in the ground except where it needs to go over a creek or similar water source that can't easily be bored under. Thanks for the pics of RDU-125. I can't see the Generator and the fence still needs to be completed but it looks like things are progressing nicely. I think they may be close to having all the Durham Huts installed at this point. I still can't believe that the Chapel Hill hut is so far behind. Especially give that Huts in Carrboro and Durham will also cover parts of Chapel Hill.
  2. I also saw where they are supposedly going to remove this very hut.
  3. Here's another bloomberg article about Two more top executives that were moved off the Google Fiber Project. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-04-06/alphabet-moves-two-top-google-fiber-executives-off-project The most likely buyer if Google sells at this point is Century Link. Especially since they bought Level 3 recently and Google used some of Level 3 for their long haul fiber network.
  4. Pinney Wood, Solite Park, and Fire station 6 Huts are all in an completed. Fiber run to them but I'm not sure if they have run any distribution fiber from them to distribution conduit and vaults they have already installed. I know our vaults are still empty. If they are cutting back, the vaults may stay this way. At this point, it's hard to have hope that they will actually cable up the areas where they spent the money to actually put in conduit and vaults right up to the front yards. I'm less than a mile from the Hut in my Neighborhood at Fire station 6. So if we don't get it eventually or see distribution fiber work soon, I'd have to call the project done. As much as I hate to, I'm already considering whether or not I would move most of my Google services like Google Apps to somewhere else like Microsoft. I'm really getting tire of Google unpolished beta like products and the inconsistency in how they manage them. And what Google doesn't seem to realize is that you are never too big to fail. Amazon and Microsoft are already competing strongly in the cloud data center space and now Amazon is working on competing with Google's core money making business of advertising. https://www.thestreet.com/story/14072842/1/how-amazon-could-put-an-end-to-google-and-facebook-s-ad-dominance.html And another similar article here: http://www.valuewalk.com/2017/04/amazon-stock-price-target-1200-google
  5. It's because they don't really care. I've had them back once already because I can see the hand buried line they ran at my house. And then I saw another spot yesterday. And this is all by AT&T union bury crews. I really wish I would have had time to bury my own conduit. They would have been happy to use that. I may still do that can then complain if they want to charge me to run a new line through it. I has the fiber connector tools, I would just fix my drop myself. It's a shame really.
  6. Looks Good Shaun. Can you post some pictures of the gear Centruy Link is using? That's not a bad price. Officially AT&T bumped 1Gbps fiber up to $80 a month with one year term on new installs, $180 ETF prorated down by $15 a month. I bet one could still haggle AT&T down to $70 since it was advertise at that rate for so long to compete with Google. 300x300 is $50 a month with supposedly 1TB cap but it's hard to know if they enforce that in a Google Fiber market.
  7. @Jenkman91 do you all have any GFBR infrastructure installed yet? Like vaults and conduit? Just trying to get a sense of how far the install is in that part of Raleigh/Durham.
  8. Well... here is what I ended up behind today Tim. It was an OFS branded Fiber roll which is what Google crews have been pulling. As you can see by this other picture, they are pulling it in new conduit along NC 54 between Durham and Chapel Hill between I-40 and the Meadowmont/ Friday Center area of Chapel Hill. You can see it laid out on the road near this handhold vault that is new. And yesterday when I went home, you could tell they had been blocking one lane on that side as the trucks were just cleaning up the the traffic cones. This is part of the Trunk line between the Durham Fiber Huts and Carrboro and could also be the F2 distribution for Chapel Hill up to Glen Lenox.
  9. Yes indeed about having the path. And from what I have learned, two things. 1. AT&T seems to be having a opening of policy about where the ONT needs to be mounted. If you look at tech updates on sites like DSL Reports, you will see that AT&T has in the works an RG that combines the ONT portion of the system into the Gateway with a direct fiber port or something like an SFP port where you can just insert the ONT fiber module when needed. That would eliminate the one piece of equipment entirely. So it makes more sense for them to run the fiber inside to where the RG is most likely to be located. And that's only one cable to run verses Ethernet and power for an outside mounted unit. The down side is, you won't be able to bypass the RG and connect to the ONT directly. This wouldn't be so bad if AT&T gave you a true bridge mode like Cable Modems have so that all traffic is handled by your personal router if desired. It is not like AT&T to do that so therein lies the problem for tech users and even small/medium business users on any port of the PON network. Right now, in the bridge mode, the RG still does some NAT with the traffic and it limits your connections and such because of the customized firmware AT&T uses. 2. From what I have read, AT&T is switching away from the outdoor ONT entirely and only ordering the G-010a like I have that was originally used in MDU and other indoor settings. But last November, they probably still had supply on hand of the Outdoor ONT units and were trying to use them up. Or maybe the tech didn't have one on his truck. If you ever had them back, they would probably swap it out for you but I don't think you can get an ONT at an AT&T store like you can an RG. That's a tech thing as it is supposed to stay with the property where as the RG you turn back in when you cancel service.
  10. Google is use OFS cable from what I can tell. AT&T is almost exclusively using Corning from everything I've seen. jody, you should have asked them about SW Durham. Just for me. At least I hope you pitched this website. We need some Google employees to join.
  11. I had internet only but just switched a month ago to AT&T fiber. Charter is making that decision easier and easier every day for people. 300x300 for $50 month or 100Gbps for $80, was $70 and you may be able to get $70 if you haggle for it. Sad thing is confidence in Google is dwindling every day based on reports from other areas across the country.
  12. Yeah there are two approved patterns. A and B. Both are usually printed on the Jack. The only difference is they swap some of the pairs. Use either one but be consistent on both sides. I wired my house with B. Most patch cables are pinned out as B also. But A is fine as it shares the same two middle color wires with phone lines 1 and 2 if you ever switched those lines over to phone service.
  13. Well, I drove by the proposed site for the Chapel Hill Google Fiber Hut at the Library and still not a bit of dirt moved. Just the survey stakes that are over a year old. It seems day by day that Google has a PR problem even if it still does intend to continue the Google Fiber build.
  14. Interesting about the notice in these areas that have service. Guess it's hard to say if this is just a regional issue for some reason or if other things are going on. San Antonio really mucked up stuff for the rest of the cities I'm afraid. One never knows with a company like Google.
  15. I just dropped my TWC the other day after getting my AT&T Fiber setup. I had a SB6121 and didn't notice the change. It was too bad I couldn't see the profile on it like I could on the UBEE I had for along time. I also have a Same knows router, the original Netgear one. But haven't been using it lately either although I did like the stats they provided. I wonder if they have a box that will actually test 300x300Mbps or even the 1Gbps that AT&T and Google offer. I wouldn't be surprised by anything Charter does at this point. I don't like AT&T but it's just such a better deal for what speeds you get, especially upload. Charter is loosing so many customers in this area because of this.