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  1. I visited the GF space in Raleigh last week and the rep I spoke with hinted that Brier Creek was going to be the next area they open after North hills sign ups are done. That was not official at all so don't hold me to it.
  2. AT&T install is done! Cable bury will take time of course, but I have officially switched ISPs. Of course after all of this hassle when I called TWC to cancel they did offer me the same service and price as I was paying before.
  3. I'm so glad the FCC approved this merger... for the people! I called retention and they actually did offer me the 200 Mbps plan for $79, and also said I could also wait until "sometime in March" where they will have new Spectrum prices, but could not tell me exactly when or what those prices would be. My AT&T install is scheduled for Friday
  4. Went to pay my bill today and noticed the price jumped from $74.99 to $109.99. I have 300/20 with my own modem. Customer support has been no help - they say my promotion expired, but that's also what they said a year ago when it went up from $64.99. There was no promotion, this is just the annual TWC rate hike. The (chat) rep suggested I drop to 30 Mbps to save $30 - yes, pay $5 more to get 1/10 the speed. I'll call retention tomorrow but this is likely the end for me and TWC.
  5. That's handy. Looks like Bechtel has a ticket to mark for fiber nearby in three days (!)
  6. TV Pricing seems to have jumped dramatically from what was originally set in KC. I think it was 70 for internet only and 120 to add TV, then when Morrisville went live it was 130. Thankfully they have stuck with 70 but TV is now $90, almost double! Fortunately I don't need or want a TV package, but I'm hoping they hold on to that $70 price by the time my area is ready. As soon as they bump it up you know ATT will follow for new customers, and it would be a real slap in the face to have waited patiently for GF when ATT fiber is already available here.
  7. I saw a crew hanging fiber lines along lead mine road between millbrook and Glenwood yesterday. I can't remember the contractor name but it was something odd like RYYxx? Never seen them before.
  8. Love the headline: "Holly Springs gets lit" I would of course go for the high speed service, but $20 for 5mbps is a great deal for someone who doesn't do a lot of streaming. Especially if that is a fixed rate where you don't have to call and negotiate every year when they have a price bump (I'm looking at you, TWC).
  9. Thanks for the responses everyone. I have looked at the nest cameras - I don't mind the one-time cost but a yearly fee of $100 for 10 days of history, and only having 3 hours of history if you don't buy that (or if your Internet connection is out like mine has been for several hours at a time over the last few days) is making it hard to get on board.
  10. Yeah, I haven't seen anything for $200. I don't think I could even make good use of 4 cameras so $700 is a bit much. I will keep looking around - maybe there will be some good deals in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. I'm considering adding an outdoor security camera or two. PoE sounds promising, but I've never worked with it before. Some questions... Should I buy a switch that has a few PoE ports or just get a single injector? What happens if I accidentally plug in a non-PoE device into a PoE line? Any personal recommendations for outdoor cameras that won't break the bank? There are so many choices. Any other considerations I may be overlooking in regards to the topic in general? I've got a QNAP NAS with an unused 2TB external usb drive that I plan to use for recording. Thanks!
  12. I seem to remember seeing something like "Sign ups are back open in..." on the KC site at some point, meaning they were open to new customers after some time had passed. Surely they will rotate around the areas to do installs periodically. If you happen to be in a contract with another provider when sign-ups (re)occur, a GF rep told me that you could sign up during the window and they would postpone the install until your contract expires.
  13. I really don't see where that hut will go on that property as-is. I pulled into the parking lot a while back and there were plenty of cars there, but it's not a big parcel and there isn't very much room to add a hut based on what I've seen at say North Hills Park. Hope I'm wrong!
  14. Did you pay the extra $30 to opt-out of the data snooping? Just curious as to how many people are doing that.
  15. Just went to check out RDU110 and remembered that this was reported complete in 2015 in another thread, but I went ahead and snapped a few photos anyway. They've added some landscaping so it wasn't an eyesore at all: