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  1. Now it's $140 for Fiber 100 + TV
  2. Have you looked at the Bitdefender Box for a home solution. The one they have now has a 10/100 card in it but the new one coming out later this year is going to be 1gig and works with most routers http://www.bitdefender.com/box
  3. There going to roll it out neighbourhood by neighbourhood like there past cities. So maybe they meant 2 years till it's fully rolled out
  4. That trunk line is also going To The Hut at the Chapel Hill library. I'll have to check with my sources at Town Hall to see when rollout starts. F100 That is right near me next light up is barbee chapel Rd. Hive to get those pics still when I was going to get them that's when we got all the snow
  5. I live in Fenley Forest off of Barbee Chapel Rd. and Google put two big mini fridge sized vaults in the week before christmas at the front of our neighborhood. I'll have to get pics soon
  6. http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/ATTs-Giving-Up-on-UVerse-Television-136300 If I even needed another reason to switch to Google Fiber when they get here.
  7. It should be noted that there first rollout in Provo was that short as they bought out a bankrupt fiber network in that city that had already rolled out most of the fiber.
  8. Bechtel is google's primary contractor for fiber deployment.
  9. Everything i've heard is that there fiber rollout is going smoother than here. Although they only have to deal with one county and 1 city there so the permitting is less complicated. Mecklenburg county hired extra people to help just for the fiber permitting
  10. I live off of Barbee Chapel and it's still not available yet
  11. Seen trucks and equipment with the Bechtel logo parked in these areas too. they seem to be doing a huge plant saw at least 5-6 bundles of fiber being run.