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  1. I saw two splicing trailers on my way out of the neighborhood this morning, there may be more that I didn't see. How soon is service available after this point?
  2. That's great news! The nice thing is that you know it's going to happen now. The semi-bad news is timing is totally going to be dependent on the current contractor load which is next to impossible to tell if they are at capacity or not. Once they have done the fiber install up to the side of your home and terminated the fiber at the demarc, scheduling an install could be made available within days. For me, once the fiber was terminated, it was less than 48 before I was able to schedule an install, but we were an early subdivision.
  3. We were in the same situation in Kitts Creek, but AT&T just overbuilt a few weeks ago, so now we'll have Frontier, Spectrum, Google Fiber and AT&T Fiber. They may do the same in Brier Creek.
  4. Congratulations
  5. One of DTV guys ambushed me in Sams Club yesterday and I was surprised to hear the supposed offer they had - Gigabit Internet - Phone - 4 DTV 4K DVR boxes $140/mo before taxes/fees and a $300 gift card for signup. That's cheaper than Google Fiber. Does anyone know if they are fully streaming DTV yet? I assume that's the ultimate direction with Fiber.
  6. Yes it is Morrisville, but unlike the rest of Morrisville our LEC was Verizon/Frontier. So this may as well be Durham.
  7. Kitts Creek is on the Durham side of Wake County and they (AT&T) are overbuliding Frontier there literally right now.
  8. Welcome to the Gig Fiber club!
  9. That's all based on the model of VoIP phone. All of our Cisco IP phones at Dell EMC are all GigE. The one I'm looking at on my desk right now, is pretty old too, a Cisco 7965G that I've had for 5 yrs. What model phones are you seeing?
  10. Yeah, also, 802.11ac can't really be separated and still provide the higher bandwidth. It's super hardware dependent on how the settings will affect the speeds you see. And like @F100 said, the combo of WiFi adapter and access point make a HUGE difference too.
  11. Yes and the site to site example is one that I will definitely use once my coworker gets Gig internet. Unfortunately he's going to have AT&T available before Google Fiber is available in his North Raleigh neighborhood. I wonder if anyone has done any testing between AT&T FIber and Google Fiber to see if we can approach Gig connectivity. Not sure what the peering looks like. My main point was around the general user use cases My level of infrastructure and usage is definitely not the norm, you also fall into this camp @F100!
  12. To see close to a gig, you need wired access. And the 120-160 speed you're seeing is almost certainly 2.4 GHz based WiFi and there's just limited bandwidth with that frequency range. I typically see ~940-960 down and 950 up on my Windows machine and interestingly, my Mac Pro only gets ~600-650 down/950 up. Both wired of course.
  13. I definitely understand wanting to get as close to what you're paying for speed-wise, but I honestly don't know of many applications that can even come close to taking advantage of the bandwidth we have available. I've even read reports of both Google Drive and Youtube uploads being throttled. We can't max out connections to services our ISP offers. All that said, you need to get your devices close enough to a 5GHz signal source or you'll never get even close to a Gig, even with high-end 802.11ac adapters in the real world. I went nuts and deployed a 3 node eero system and it does pretty good. From my iPhone 7, if I'm in the same room as one of the nodes (no walls to cause interference and close to optimal 2.4 and 5 GHz connectivity, I can pull 500+ Mbps.
  14. The good news is that the female jacks you have look pretty nice and easy to work with. Should just be matching the colors to the correct nicely labeled pin. You might not even have to expose more wire, just move it to the correct position.
  15. You'll likely have no coax issues connected at 630 Mbps And yeah, I wouldn't bother with coax if it's sitting right next to the Network Box, it won't buy you anything at all.