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  1. More info on Durham Deployments here.... https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r31366437-
  2. Well, I live in Apex and have AT&T Fiber so not really for me...... :-) That being said, they seem to be able to deploy much quicker than Google is/was able to. I'm sure that leasing dark fiber from the town helped, but they seem to be much more organized than Google.
  3. This makes me not feel so bad that they never bothered responding to the 20 or so Fiber positions I applied for... :-(
  4. zapman987, those sound like drop bury machines. The legacy BellSouth territory has actual AT&T employees do that work. Most other areas contract that work out I believe. I have always been amazed that they use those HUGE machines to bury drops. There are much smaller alternatives out there like the Line Ward. http://www.lineward.com/ I'm also surprised that they haven't opened a garage in Western Wake. That would seem to make sense for one With all of the growth in Apex and South Durham with their fiber deployments.
  5. That's a crappy RJ45 install on that Ethernet cable going into the ONT......
  6. FWIW all new installs in my neighborhood have been the Indoor ONT...
  7. I ended up in HS behind this today....
  8. Man, I would be PISSED if they wrote AT&T on a box on the side of my house like that. Try Lysol or whiteboard cleaner. That my take it off.....
  9. It's ridiculous that they don't have a quad play for Wireless. They don't give you a better deal for having everything with them. My Verizon Contract is up. I was willing to switch the only service I don't have with AT&T yet, but they don't want to play ball. Their deal looks even worse now that Verizon has Unlimited as well. Well, my AT&T would be "Unlimited" since I have DirecTV, but they disable tethering on your phone. It's not like I use it often, but if I am on call for work it's easier to use a laptop sometimes. Plus the kids like to watch netflix when we are on a roadtrip. Verizon lets you tether to your phone on their "Unlimited" plan up to 10GB per month I believe. Plus if I switch from VZ to AT&T I need all new phones on day 1..... AT&T Seems to have this syndrome of not wanting to take my money.... LOL
  10. We have redundant links, but when one is down I worry about the other getting hit with all the digging going on in town right now....
  11. There have been similar ones pop up in Apex along NC55 near US64 as well. I believe that they are Cellular Micro Cells. Owned by Fibertech.
  12. We lease dark fiber from Clarity. I wonder if these are the ones downtown that have gotten hit by the same construction crew two nights in a row this week...... I love getting paged at 10PM that we have 40 Gigs worth of traffic down :-)
  13. https://www.facebook.com/tinghollysprings/videos/1217369551712233/
  14. I tried to figure out what Rick Smith did to piss you off, then I remembered that most of the site is behind a paywall. That's funny because most of the articles that are available for free wouldn't be worth using as toilet paper if it were a printed publication....
  15. I think that's why the ONU has the label ALT OPTIC then. The GPON network uses a different wavelenght of light on the fiber in those deployments