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  1. I tried to use near ticket to see if I could get an idea about the flags at the intersection: http://newtina.nc811.org/newtinweb/ncocc_nearticket.html?lat=36.077440&long=-78.910232 The first 2 entries have as company name Dufiber Installation, with Rafael Aguilar as foreman. I couldn't find any other information regarding this, so I'm wondering if this is AT&T or Google Fiber. However, I did notice the last 7 entries contain (except for 1) S&N Communications, Inc. southward of the intersection. Near Guess Road the flags appear to be from Company: G L CONSTRUCTION, INC, Foreman: LILIANA. I also noticed ATT Light Gig as work type on some of the tickets. http://newtina.nc811.org/newtinweb/ncocc_nearticket.html?lat=36.080402&long=-78.928983 Not sure how much this information helps, but I figured I'd throw it out here just in case someone knows how to figure it out.
  2. This weekend I've noticed flags up alongside Latta Road. Unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures, but I noticed them making the turn from Guess Road. Also, there have been flags up for a while now at the intersection of Latta/Infinity and N. Roxboro St, with most of them at the Exxon gas station.
  3. I checked their offer details, and noticed this as well: 1YR INTERNET OFFER: Price after bill credit for new and existing residential customers in select markets in AT&T Fiber areas. After 12 months, then prevailing monthly rate applies unless canceled by customer before end of promo period. Offer ends 3/28/17 Which makes me wonder what the actual price will be after 1 year, and why I'm waiting for Google Fiber, since I don't want to have that 'surprise'. Of course, the idea of getting away from TWC is tempting, but the data cap on 2 of them has me concerned. Here's where Google Fiber takes the cake as well, since they advertise no data caps as well. But for now I'm unfortunately still waiting :-/ p.s. Does anyone know the non-promo prices for AT&T fiber?
  4. I'd hate to see this happen. My current plan with TWC is the 50/5 plan @ $49.99. An extra 10Mbps for an extra $10.00 to me just isn't worth it. It does mention the 100Mbps may be 300Mbps in areas where the "Maxx" upgrade is available, so I wonder if the 60Mbps will receive a similar upgrade. Still, after having constant issues with TWC, I am loathe to pay them, or Charter, anything extra. I can't wait for Google Fiber to come around so I can actually get a speed increase worth paying for. On a side note, as per a recent issue with TWC, be sure to check your bill if you get your own modem and return theirs. They had not taken the $10 lease off my last bill, so I had to take it up with them (again).
  5. According to my wife they were clearing the area earlier this week. Unfortunately that is all I can report as we haven't taken any pictures of the area yet.
  6. Just an update from a post that got started on Nextdoor in our area. Someone posted: "two different vehicles near the guess and Latta intersection with yellow work lights and magnetic door placards showing they were Google Fiber contract vehicles.". Another one posted: "there were spools of fiber on Roxboro this morning". Another one spotted them in the Eno River neighborhood. This site and thread were mentioned as well, so hopefully a few more people will sign up and be able to provide updates.
  7. Both of your answers sound promising, thanks! I drive by the aforementioned location weekly, and I always tend to keep an eye open to see if there's any new development there. So far I haven't seen anything, but I'm hoping to see something sometime this year. If I do see something I'll be sure to post something here.
  8. Do you think this could possibly service Sandlewood Drive? My main concern is that we're not considered city limits (see http://maps2.roktech.net/durhamnc_gomaps/#), and that it might possibly affect service availability. Furthermore I'm wondering if the distance between our neighborhood and the hut will be of any concern. I have a feeling that won't be, but it never hurts to ask.
  9. Thanks for the information on when TWC Maxx will roll out JimmyJoe. Looks like according to that article it'll be end of fall before I get any speed increase. For the information, I live in North Durham, off Sandlewood Drive. I'm currently on the standard 15/1 plan, and I'll try to post a speed test when I get home.