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  1. Still no love... Tech and field supervisor were out. They spent some time at the neighborhood vault and then at the ONT box, about 2 hours total. Still no fix. They are going to talk to the manufacturer next and also look at other upstream possibilities within the network. Speed tests today were 745/928, 700/920, 641/920
  2. Two techs came out, did the usual field steps, found the same gap in download speed. They still are scratching their head that this is happening. Said they will be talking with someone higher up to look into it further...
  3. A couple weeks in, still no resolution on my less than stellar download speed. Still getting 750/910+ consistently. Requested a call from a local supervisor over 1.5 weeks ago but never heard. Put in another call today to get someone out here so we can get this escalated to find out what is up with the slow download speed.
  4. After a tech visit this morning to look at my download speed, they are going to further escalate to his supervisor. They have checked and replaced the programming as well. Even right off the ONT on the CL laptop, he maxed around 750+ download with hitting 910-920 UL consistently. While I do not see any issues with latency or packet loss, having a 200Mbps disparity between DL and UL on a Gbps fiber service seems odd. While we both agreed I cannot complain too much about the bandwidth available, getting 70+% of the rated download is not acceptable to me. I have yet to hit 800Mbps DL. Has there been any speed tests from other CL Gbps users in this area? anyone know?
  5. Here is the inside of the ONT box on the house.
  6. Here it is, in all its glory.. almost. Probably need to tweak something on the router for the DL speed. Stock ASUS router OS. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/6158466190
  7. Ordered 1 Gbps this afternoon. Received a mailer which listed the Gbps service for 79.95 / month +taxes etc... with phone service for a 5 year contract. Called anyway since that deal seemed cheap other than the long lock in period. Ended up talking with someone after a hand off from the original CSR. She did some further "research" while she put me on hold. Ended up saying she could do the 79.95 for 1 year without any contract and made no mention of phone service. I quizzed her a bunch and made sure she confirmed everything in case I need to go back to a recording. She even said if I had to have a contract she would have to read it to me . After 1 year she said it would go up to around $120 but I can play the retention game. So she placed the order and after dealing with her escalation desk, they said they need to send a field tech to double check with wiring outside of the house. Scheduled for Friday. Not sure why they need to check the wiring when I already have service. Figured it would be a simple provisioning configuration push. We shall see and hopefully they don't screw me over with charges and fees. Crossing my fingers.
  8. CenturyLink has confirmed it is symmetrical 1 Gbps. Existing customer rate from the 1st line online chat sales was $189 / month. They of course went down the bundle route and put it with Direct TV service at $159 / month plus taxes and fees. I pushed them as the new customer rate is $104.95 / month on their site. She sent me to retention. Retention said they could do the $104 rate and said out the door cost would be $108 and change but with a 1 year contract. Currently I have no contract for my 100/50 service which is $73 out the door per month. Did not upgrade just yet. Going to think about it. I want it but that is a good jump in monthly cost even for that much more speed.
  9. Just got a mailer today from CL and it seemed slightly different than the usual bulk mailer offering DSL internet even though I already have FTTH. It did reference 1 Gbps service with the standard caveat. Decided to check the online speed options again for my address, well I'll be damned. Looks like they upgraded service for me. Currently on the 100/50 plan. Going to check out the details further tomorrow. But this could hold me over until Ting comes through my area with the cheaper rate. I am in Parks At Bass Lake subdivision on Eno Drive in Holly Springs.
  10. Good to hear. I've been pushing the community and I feel like there is about 10 pre-orders out of a total of 111 houses, about 15 left to be built or moved in to as the builder winds down construction this year. Parks At Bass Lake better be soon!!! While CenturyLink fiber is fine, I'd rather have Gbps for roughly the same cost as 100/50 service Any plans for future employment opportunities? Corporate type level, not field work. I check the listings on occasion. You could always use another 11+ year telecoms veteran... wink wink.
  11. Just watched a new marketing video. Not sure if it was a slip up giveaway or what. At the end of video, about 3:05, he talks about being completed with construction of the entire town by the end of 2017, passing 1k houses per month. Begs the question, the whole town gets LIT or just a good portion...
  12. They just sent an email blast confirming the first live customer. Could just be one, who knows.... Who is it and why have they not posted speed tests yet!!!????
  13. The person's house in that one picture looks like Ting is going to town on their yard. Must be a vault going in.
  14. People are finally getting fed up with their basic routers wi-fi speed due to expectations that it works through the whole house. People who knew better never bought into that hype. Now the marketing is shifting towards giving people a product that promises whole house coverage, they launch these fix all solutions. Of course they will be marginally better at coverage but walls are still walls. The cable and telcos dont help with their trashy built in wi-fi leading to the frustration of wanting something that just works.
  15. Either they lied to get a sale(wouldnt be surprising) or they just came out with some internal comms that they are going to upgrade the local plant to support Gbps. I asked a tech driving around my 'hood a few weeks back and he said that there were no plans to offer 1Gbps anytime soon. I already have CL FTTH 100/50 which is the max speed they offer.