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  1. is this the best buy on colonial?
  2. Laptop specs? Does it have an intel nic?
  3. No problem. My website is quite unreliable at times so here is the official link. You'll have to beg for a 589 as they are going out of stock/style because they've been introduced 3 years ago. https://github.com/nvg-blend3r/NVG589Exploit/releases
  4. Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully all goes well! Sounds like you'll be able to start a small hosting company if you get all that service. /s I wish I had those options
  5. If anyone has any question about my tool, post them here. I haven't been able to get much feedback so any reply would be wonderful for me.
  6. Only if Google Fiber would come to Orlando
  7. A new neighborhood is being constructed and AT&T's gigapower is available there. It's called Oviedo Gardens. On top of this: AT&T also lists select locations in Sanford and Winter Springs on their website. cheers
  8. No problem! Hopefully this'll work for you. I've also changed most of the source code and added a GUI so you can check that out if you want. Maybe these links will work better http://nvg-blend3r.ga/ http://nvgblend3r.x10host.com/
  9. Hey people, I just wanted to let you know that I have released my tool to root and bridge the NVG589 at my website. This bypasses the NAT limitation and is great for people that use their own router or something like pfsense. nvg589.tk