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  1. I was talking to a neighbor on a walk who lives in Lochmere Villages and he said AT&T has installed the vaults and fiber. He talked to one the men installing fiber from AT&T and he said they would turn it on soon. I live in Lochside part of Lochmere and the have done one street(Coltsgate) with vaults but no fiber. Coltsgate is next to Lochmere Villages so I may get AT&T sometime soon.
  2. I was by the RDU113 site(by Koka Booth in Regency) in Cary about a month ago and there was no work being done. About a week ago I was by the RDU118 site(next to Walnut Street park on Lawrence st) and there was no work being done here as well. They were both approved by Cary last October. So it looks like these 2 sites are not in current Google fiber roll out. According to some documentation on this site I will be served by the RDU118 fiber hut. I live in the east part of Lochmere. We don't seem to be on AT&T current roll out of Giga-fiber either.
  3. Yes they live on Midden Way.
  4. My daughter and her family live in this area and had CenturyLink fiber. They could have had gig service but chose a lower speed(I think 100 or 300Mbits). They dropped it because CentruryLink promised a certain price and then kept billing them at a higher price. They are now back with TWC.
  5. Yes I did not see this. I was looking at the Online Plan Submittals and to see the plans you have to login. Thanks
  6. I don't know how to see the approved plan list. The site I look at is plans under review. You have to login as guest to see the plans. I use a multi step process on the Town of Cary web site to see the plans. The guest login is part of this and is provided by the Town of Cary.
  7. RDU118 was removed from the waiting for approval site in Cary and so I think it is now approved.
  8. So to update - RDU118 was rejected and is waiting to be submitted again. There is know way I no to see why it was rejected till they submitted it again but the RDU113 is no longer on the review site. It disappeared shortly after it was rejected. So I am guessing here that the last rejection maybe part of the final approval process and when it is submitted again it was approved and was deleted from the review database?? If true the RDU118 may get approval soon??
  9. The google fiber huts RDU113 and RDU118 are still in the approval process in Cary. RDU113 was just declined today by Cary and will have to be submitted again. RDU118 is still being reviewed. They both have been rejected many times since they were first submitted. So the southern half of Cary(where I live) may not be in the first roll-out of Google Fiber in the triangle. This from the Town of Cary website.
  10. This looks great. How did you get this data? It shows my part of Lochmere in RDU118. I have been trying to figure out if I would be in RDU118 or RDU113. It seems Google split Lochmere down the middle.
  11. The following is a taken from a Town of Morrisville News and Notes #2016-003 February 18, 2016 Google Fiber: Lead Staff: Blake Mills Town staff met with senior Google Fiber representatives on Feb. 12 to discuss the proper protocol for restoration of yards after construction. Google advised that they are expecting to finish the bulk of the fiber installations in the Town of Morrisville by July 2016, however, no service will be provided at that time. The date fiber service availability to Morrisville residents is dependent upon completion of infrastructure in other parts of the network located outside of Morrisville. Google will not commit to a date when the fiber will be available to the public. In addition, Google will still have to work in Morrisville on the private roads such as the townhome Home Owners Association (HOA’s). The work will not start until the agreements are signed with the Home Owners Association (HOA’s). Town staff will schedule a meeting with AT&T to discuss their construction schedules, notifications and restoration protocols. I added the bold highlighting to the sentence. It would seem from this that customer access to Google fiber is dependent on the backbone being complete. It makes sense but I wonder how much of the backbone/fiberhut has to be done? All fiberhuts installed or just some of them?
  12. TWC MAXX is up in Cary(27518)!! Getting 112Mbps down and 11Mbps up as I am suppose to.
  13. Reset modem today,10/2, and no TWC MAXX. I was told by TWC that today would be the day - nothing so far.
  14. Here are photos of a pedestal in Sunset Oaks subdivision. They are on Edgepine Dr and I'd Olivepark Dr - probably other streets in the subdivision. They are AT&T.
  15. My daughter and her husband live in Sunset Oaks subdivision and AT&T is running fiber thru out there subdivision. Conduit was bury last week and this week AT&T trucks have been there. No indication when it will get installed to there house.