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  1. @tingadamok, its been 2 weeks, any updates on the phase we're in now? Hopefully at least testing is happening now??
  2. Its a bit of a tease, isn't it??
  3. Thanks, @tingadam. I apologize if I've been annoying. I'm just really really excited to get your service.
  4. They told me we would get notifications in late March/early April. I wonder if they're still on target. Maybe @tingadam can help a little bit? I'm paying more to Charter per month for inferior service. Its getting damn old.
  5. Has anyone in Phase 2 gotten a notice for installation yet?
  6. They have said that they plan on doing the entire town, now that may be limited to town limits. Also, if no people in a neighborhood expressed interest, they might not bring it to that neighborhood--or it might just make it lower priority.
  7. Yeah, I asked one of the fellas digging and he said it was for TWC. Kinda bummed, tbh.
  8. Apparently its multiuse conduit.
  9. I saw some holes being dug along oak Hall drive as I left for work this morning. There was a truck with them that had the word"telecommunications" on it
  10. Looks like water, gas, and telecommunications utilities have been marked. According to my research, this usually happens a couple weeks before installation. Moving forward!
  11. Yeah I saw that too. LAME!
  12. I talked to Ting through facebook the other day and they said they anticipate Oak Hall will start construction in early December with installations being scheduled in mid-late December.
  13. I've been a TWC customer myself for the past 10 years. The day Ting is available in HS, I'm dropping them like the dogshit company they are.
  14. They're marketing to the prosumer. The prosumer is someone that is a normal consumer, but they have higher technical ability.
  15. I'm so glad Oak Hall is on that list. HYPE